Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gisele Bundchen Talks Husband Tom Brady & Loving His Son Like Her Own

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Supermodel Gisele Bundchen may now be happily married to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady , but there was a time when she considered ending the relationship and sending him back to the arms of another woman.

Just a few months after the couple began dating, Brady learned his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan , was pregnant with his son, John. It was then that Gisele said she wondered whether it was worth sticking it out with the sports star.

"You question at times - 'Should I stay here? Maybe you should work this out,'" she told Vanity Fair's May issue. "But when people break up, it's for a reason."
Gisele, one of the most successful supermodels of all time, said that Bridget's pregnancy news actually ended up helping keep the couple together.

"I think it was a blessing, because otherwise I don't think I would have known what he was made of, and he wouldn't have known what I was made of," she told the magazine. "I wouldn't have seen the integrity in him - the way he was a good person through all the times. I was like, 'You have the heart in a good place!' It made me realize who he was. Our relationship has become so much stronger, and I think I wouldn't be as certain as I am today if it weren't for that."
Not only does she have a strong relationship with her new husband, but the Brazillian model admitted she has a heavy bond with his son as well.

"He's a little angel - the sweetest, most cuddly, loving baby. I feel blessed to have him in my life," she said of the now 19-month-old.
While Gisele has never met John's mother, Bridget, the model said she feels so close to the little boy, he is like her own.

"I understand that he has a mom, and I respect that, but to me it's not like because somebody else delivered him, that's not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent," she said. " I want him to have a great relationship with his mom, because that's important, but I love him the same way as if he were mine. I already feel like he's my son, from the first day."

And Gisele said she would like to have her own children too.

"I would like a big family," she said. "I love children. When you come from a big family, you see that growing up, you're learning how to share. Your sisters have got your back; you're not alone in this - 'We all support you!' Your family provides that; it gives you a sense of safety, and it's a very grounded feeling."

Choosing a child who needs a home is one way the supermodel is thinking of expanding her brood.

"I would also love to adopt a child from Brazil. When you come from Sao Paulo, you see five-year-olds sniffing glue on the corner. You think, 'If you make a difference in the life of one of them, that makes your time on this earth worthwhile.'"

Gisele also opened up about her ex-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio , who she said she still communicates with occasionally.

"Leo is a really wonderful person," she said. "We still speak sometimes, and I'm friends with his mom. He still has one of my dogs. He's done a lot for the environment, and I admire what he's done. We know what we had; we were young, and we grew together in a lot of ways. We were just not meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I respect him enormously, and I wish him nothing but the best."


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