Saturday, May 1, 2010

Food in fashion world: spaghetti belt, raspberry handbag

We try to connect our life with different part of it. And life interlaces with all our types of activity.

Photographer Fulvio Bonavia shows us his new work of art, where food meets fashion in fantastic accessory range.

He published his original photos in book A Matter of Taste, where demonstrate hot pictures of accessories on food theme.

There you can find spaghetti belt, raspberry handbag, kiwi watch, eggplant footwear, salad styled umbrella and pineapple hat.

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia is an award-winning professional. He has shot ad campaigns for famous international clients, such as Adidas, Heineken, Swatch, Amnesty International, and Alitalia.

He also made the most popular campaigns for auto companies including Jaguar, BMW, Saab, Alfa Romeo, Daimler-Chrysler, and Audi.

And he don't forget about fashion!

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