Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cheryl Cole fashion line for Kitson

British singer Cheryl Cole's wants to add fashion designer point to her rezume list.

The X Factor star, 27, talk with US store Kitson to design a range of clothes and shoes. Los Angeles based fashion store Kitson is described as ‘a mix of Topshop and Marc Jacobs,'

‘This will be huge for Cheryl. Obviously she's already a big star in the UK but she's not a household name in America. This will change everything,' one source told the Daily Star.

‘Cheryl could easily follow in the fashion footsteps of Victoria Beckham. She has already had meetings with the brand's executives who are very impressed.'

Kitson is one of the most popular shops in L.A. and is a favourite among celebrities. It's one of the coolest boutiques, so for Cheryl to be offered her own range with her name at the helm is fantastic news. The creators want to use her song title Fight For This Love as the name for the range and are hoping she can design dresses and shoes as well as handbags. They are also wanting her to model the collection herself.
Want to see what they design! Go Cheryl, Go!

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