Friday, April 9, 2010

Donatella Versace's $5,000 Spree

Donatella Versace spent $5,000 on sunglasses in just 10 minutes.

The Italian fashion designer recently went on a shopping spree at Artsee in New York and didn't hold back when it came to expensive eyewear.

A source told the New York Post:

"She walked around saying, 'Amore, this one, and this one, and this one,' picking up pairs of sunglasses. She must have bought eight pairs of one-off glasses costing from $500. Then, with a quick 'Ciao' she was gone."

While she is happy to purchase extravagant sunglasses, Donatella recently revealed she thinks flamboyant designs are "old-fashioned".

The 54-year-old blonde - whose Versace brand is known for its extravagant, glitzy clothes - has worked hard to create a new aesthetic for Versace, and thinks simple, clean designs with a hint of sexiness are the way forward.

She explained: 

"My eye has changed. Ostentation looks old-fashioned now. On a red carpet, you can be historic, but the woman of today doesn't even want to check in her baggage."
Donatella took over the Versace brand in 1997 following brother Gianni's death in 1997 and says she has made the clothes more "up-to-date" while remaining true to the Versace roots.

She said: 

"The Versace DNA is the same for me as it was for Gianni... It's sexy, glamorous and feminine, but you can translate this in many ways - I took it away from too much ornament and obvious sexiness and created a woman who is a little bit more feminine, more sensual than sexy and up-to-date."

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