Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angelina Jolie style

The hottest sex symbol of the 21st century, Angelina Jolie is a name that lights up millions of hearts, irrespective of country and ethnicity.

The on-screen Lara Croft is an epitome of feminine beauty, elegance and fitness, and the combination of these three has been gifted to the world several times over her successful career in many notable movies.

Angelina Jolie's Fashion

Everything Angelina dons makes news and shutters go berserk. The perfectly toned and exercised body fits in effortlessly into almost any outfit. So you can see Jolie in exclusive gowns as well as in body hugging and revealing outfits. She also wears a lot of well cut suits that compliment her perfect shapely body.

Angelina has sported numerous looks for her movies. She can sport the evil woman look by wearing tight leather pants and of course her killer expressions to go with that.

The chiseled body is just what the film makers look for to present daring scenes. Jolie looks stunning in lingerie and can add her seductive elements to create a perfect shot.

The best thing about Jolie is that she can carry off all these clothes with remarkable ease. She looks comfortable and at ease with outfits some may even consider outrageous.

Being a top line Hollywood movie star, Jolie knows exactly what to wear on which occasion and how to please the photographers.

Angelina Jolie's make up and hair

The sultry face does not need much make up. The face that could've launched a thousand ships in another era is famous for its bone structure. The angular cheek bones make her face a treat for the photographers.

The Lips

The world most famous pout mostly sports a naked look; Jolie does not wear too many bold colors on her lips. The naked look actually enhances the beauty of her 'come hither' lips.

Angelina's Accessories

Whatever Angelina wears turns stunning. This is also due to her impeccable fashion instincts which she applies in choosing the perfect accessories.

Simple necklaces, elegant or eye catching gold ear rings, relaxing hats, steep heels, or belts with amazing buckles and buttons – Jolie scores a hit with every accessory she picks.

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