Friday, January 30, 2009

Light, frothy brand latches on to Paris

Uber-sellout Paris Hilton has crossed the Atlantic to sell the British public… slimline cocoa (yes, ‘It’s hot!’).

The celeb with no discernable talent except the gift of self-promotion and ability to inherit vast amounts of cash has cornered herself some more televisual real estate with a new reality series on ITV2 starting 9pm tonight.

Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend’ presents 11 of our countrywomen (and one man) vying to see which of them can embarrass themselves the most in their quest to impress the simple ‘Simple Life’ star.

They are joined by Nestle hot chocolate brand Skinny Cow, which has forked out a sum probably less than the annual Hilton dogcare bill to ITV2 to attach itself like a limpet to Paris and her pretend pals by sponsoring the show.

I bet the contest will at some point involve the aspiring socialites trying to emulate Paris’ prolific promotional abilities - displayed this week with acres of press coverage for supposedly stealing the limelight from Lady GaGa at a Nokia phone launch.

But just watching the trailer for the series is “Enough already”. The 12 hopefuls get given jewel-encrusted mobile phones on which Paris texts them each challenge. She gushes, they gush, they all argue about who is “real” and then she eliminates their ass.

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