Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rihanna in High Waist Skinny Leather Pants

While I think skinny pants will be with us for a while, I definitely thought high waist pants were on their way out. I guess I was wrong though, because Rihanna, who's rightly considered a celebrity fashionista, rocked a pair of high waist leather skinny pants to Justin Timberlake's JT and Friends concert in Las Vegas.

Although Rihanna's pants almost cross the line into 'mom' jean territory, I'm feeling her overall look. I think we're seeing where her style is headed for her next cd, it looks like she's going for a more rock/punk look. Are you feeling Rihanna's high waist leather pants?

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1 comment:

CDBehrle said...

If they'd actually fit her they'd probably be hot, as it is it looks like she's got a diaper on under there...

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