Friday, August 29, 2008

Victoria Beckham: A Fashion Angel

Fashion would always seem to be a very subjective matter; what’s a hit for me may be a miss for some and vice versa.

Take for example Victoria Beckham. While I certainly love this former Spice Girls’ sense of style, some people just don’t think the same. In fact, Posh Spice, as she’s also popularly known, has made it to several worst dressers list. But here in Celebrity Fashion Watch, I guess she’ll always be on my top 10.

However, promoting her new fragrance, Beckham Signature, at London department store Harvey Nichols, I am quite torn as to liking or hating her look.

Clad in a body hugging, fur-trimmed white dress and metallic silver heels, the look is basically so Victoria, posh and classy. That is, if it has not been for that fur on her back.

What is Vic trying to present, an angel or what?!

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