Friday, August 1, 2008

Alice Dellal, the new face of Mango denim

Mango has previously had Penelope Cruz and Milla Jovovich pose for them, and now they've moved on to Alice Dellal. Not sure who she is? Let us fill you in:

She is the daughter of Brazilian model Andrea Dellal, and best friends with Lizzie Jagger (daughter of Mick). She's mostly known for being a punk rock party girl, with a half shaved head and a penchant for combat boots, and she's lined up to be the new face and body for Agent Provocateur.

If you're not familiar with her yet, don't worry -- you will be. Alice is starring in Mango's campaign for summer and fall, and you'll be seeing her on billboards, in magazines, and in MNG store windows.

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